You might be asking, the heck’s a Pixel Ponies Gaming?


Allow me to illuminate your brainpan for a second.


Right, that’s enough illumination up there. Gross.


Anyway, perhaps you’ve heard of TrotCon. Perhaps not. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Ohio Bronies. Perhaps not. But why I bring up these groups is actually of importance. For Pixel Ponies Gaming developed out of them.

We’re the ones who’ve run the video game room at TrotCon since it came into existence. We also ran the tabletop room there in 2012 and 2015-2018. We also ran the hybrid TrotCon / Ohio Bronies Minecraft Server and Livestreams in 2012 and 2013, and we’re planning on bringing them back again.

In fact, the Minecraft Server’s already back. Would you take a look at that server? It’s got, like, plugins. And stuff. And maps. And a Spigot. Woah.

What does this all this mean for you?

It means a community of like-minded derps that enjoy playing games together. It means a buncha nerds that can babble endlessly about small cartoon horses that they are entitled to. It means laughter, generosity, kindness, loyalty, and honesty. It means magic. It means that pony should pony pony. Duh!

Play with us. Make some friends. Make some frenemies. Make some coffee. Have a good tem.